Reduce Job Search Stress

Going through the process of finding your next job can be extremely stressful for most of us. Certainly, you hear stories about people who got the dream job without even trying (or looking).

However, more often than not, having a dream job fall in your lap is more of an urban legend than a reality.

It is important to remember that if you are stressed during the job search, whether that is during a networking event, phone interview or in-person interview, your body language will show it.

Therefore, in order to get the most out of the interaction, you need to slow down and relax – stay confident in your abilities. There is not a single networking event or job interview that will make or break you.

Many people will use a brief meditation technique where before the event you focus on your breathing and work to clear your mind of any thoughts.

There are a number of great apps that you can download that can help you with this process. The key is to clear your mind and then fill it with posititive thoughts – just as you did when you were involved in sports as a kid . . . it is important to visualize success.

In doing so, you may be visualizing doing a great job at the interview or you may simply be repeating a mantra to give yourself motivation, inspiration and a positive outlook on the day.

When you do this, your body language will show what you really know to be true . . . you are a great person and can add value anywhere you go.