Reduce Job Search Stress

Going through the process of finding your next job can be extremely stressful for most of us. Certainly, you hear stories about people who got the dream job without even trying (or looking). However, more often than not, having a dream job fall in your lap is more of an urban legend than a reality.

It is important to remember that if you are stressed during the job search, whether that is during a networking event, phone interview or in-person interview, your body language will show it. Therefore, in order to get the most out of the interaction, you need to slow down and relax - stay confident in your abilities. There is not a single networking event or job interview that will make or break you.

Many people will use a brief meditation technique where before the event you focus on your breathing and work to clear your mind of any thoughts. There are a number of great apps that you can download that can help you with this process. The key is to clear your mind and then fill it with postitive thoughts - just as you did when you were involved in sports as a kid . . . it is important to visualize success. In doing so, you may be visualizing doing . . .

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It never hurts to look!  There are new jobs being posted every day.  It's time to check out local job opportunities in your area.

Be More Productive Through Meditation

Have you ever found yourself in the work/stress cycle? You know, where you feel like you are putting in the time and energy but you can't seem to get everything done and your stress level is going through the roof. The more stressed you get, the more the work seems to pile up and then, in turn, you get even more stressed.

We have all heard the old saying, work smarter, not harder. Sounds like the right idea, but I'm sure I was already working "smarter". Maybe the problem is not about working smarter, but working with a greater focus.

When pro sports teams are in the championship game, you will sometimes hear the announcer say something about, "the team needs to play loose - they are just way too tight." What they are saying is that the team is too stressed and therefore not as productive as they could be if they just . . .

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There are great jobs out there right now, in your neighborhood and in your area of expertise. One quick check can let you know who is hiring for the hot new job.

It's OK to be Nervous Before An Interview

Everyone gets nervous when they go in for an interview.  If you are not a little nervous, you probably are either lying to yourself or not really interested in the job.  The key is to accept the fact that you are nervous and be prepared to present yourself honestly.

Take stock in the fact that something in your background and/or resume helped you stand out from the crowd.  You have already made it past the first stage and now you are about to walk in the door!

In order to get prepared for the opportunity to interview for this job, you should take a minute and clear your mind.  A few moments of meditation before you walk in the door will help you relax and breath easier.  Take a moment to picture how the interview will happen – visualize success.

It can be helpful to arrive early enough so that you are not caught in traffic and running against the clock as you speed toward your interview – that kind of stress will not help you relax.  As you wait in the parking lot (or around the corner), review your notes about the company.

  • Refresh your memory and review the company’s Wikipedia page.  How has the company been performing over the last few quarters and who are their main competitors?
  • Re-read the job description.  Where does your experience match up and where do you need to be prepared for questions about how your background matches the job qualifications?
  • Review the questions you have prepared for the interviewer(s).  Ask about the milestones expected of the next incumbent of this position after 90 days, one year, etc.

As you head toward the interview location, remember that anyone within a half mile of the place could possibly work there.  Be sure to put your best foot forward – don’t tail gate as you rush to get there and don’t give anyone any dirty looks.

The last thing you would want is to find out that you were impolite to some women on the street only to find out she is the VP of Human Resources.

While you are in the interview, steel a moment and think about your breathing . . . slow down and relax, lower your shoulders and put a confident, yet friendly, smile on your face.  It is not just your voice that is answering the interview questions, your non-verbal posture is . . .

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