Be More Productive Through Meditation

Have you ever found yourself in the work/stress cycle? You know, where you feel like you are putting in the time and energy but you can’t seem to get everything done and your stress level is going through the roof.

The more stressed you get, the more the work seems to pile up and then, in turn, you get even more stressed.

We have all heard the old saying, work smarter, not harder. Sounds like the right idea, but I’m sure I was already working “smarter”.

Maybe the problem is not about working smarter, but working with a greater focus.

When pro sports teams are in the championship game, you will sometimes hear the announcer say something about, “the team needs to play loose – they are just way too tight.”

What they are saying is that the team is too stressed and therefore not as productive as they could be if they just relaxed and played “smarter not harder”.

Certainly, you could implement new habits, like only reading emails when you are going to work on cleaning up your inbox (that way you don’t waste time reading them two or three times before taking an action).

Or you could implement the habit of outlining your day before you begin so that you identify the major tasks (big rocks) that you need to address and avoid the unimportant time wasting tasks (little rocks) that take up so much time.

How about starting the habit of spending a few minutes meditating before you go to work or at a specific time each day to quiet your mind and allow yourself to relax and clearly focus on what tasks need to be addressed.

It is a proven fact that meditation can help you reduce stress and focus more clearly.

Meditation could be the key to breaking your work/stress cycle. Why not give it a chance?